Jordan and Zachary Ashcraft

Dear Friends,

We are so grateful that Jordan will be attending Notre Dame Preparatory and Zachary will be attending Our Lady of Perpetual Help. For many reasons we feel that this is the right place for our family and we are excited to be there. While attending private school is a decision we stand by whole heartedly, it is not without financial burden. Because of this, we humbly ask if you would consider doing something for us? As you may know, Arizona offers a Tax Credit that allows Arizona tax payers to take the funds that they would normally pay in state taxes and use them to help families with kids in private schools.  

The way it works is that at any time between now and April 15th, 2019 you can contribute to Arizona Tuition Connection and recommend our family receive those funds. When you file your 2018 taxes you will deduct that amount off of your Arizona state taxes. If you owe money when you file, you would owe less by the amount you donated. If you are getting a refund, you would get a larger refund.  

Because it is a tax credit, the net cost to you is zero. You simply have the option of paying your taxes to the state, or redirecting those funds to help fund a friend's child’s education.  

Would you consider participating in this program to help us?  

If you have questions this link will provide some support: 

Or you can call Arizona Tuition Connection at 480-409-4106. They are great to work with!  

We appreciate you even considering helping in this way. Call us if you would like to discuss it further. 

Sincerely, The Ashcraft Family

How to Get Started...

This is a ridiculously easy process! You can click the donate button below or call them at: 480-409-4106.

Please be sure to recommend Jordan Ashcraft at Notre Dame Preparatory, and Zachary Ashcraft at Our Lady of Perpetual Help when making your donation.


We are grateful for every contribution, great or small!