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Arizona allows you to turn your state taxes into tuition scholarships for students at Tipping Point Academy. 100% of this contribution can be taken as a TAX CREDIT against your Arizona state taxes.*  

The way it works is that at any time between now and April 15th, 2022 you can contribute and recommend our school receive those funds. When you file your 2021 taxes you deduct that amount off of your Arizona state tax liability. If you owe money when you file, you would owe less by the amount you donated. If you are getting a refund, you would get a larger refund.  

Because it is a tax credit, the net cost to you is zero. You simply have the option of paying your taxes to the state, or redirecting those funds to help fund a child’s education. We have included a short video to help show you how easy it is:

*Limits Apply

Just like that! You can use your state tax dollars to create scholarships.

This really is a WIN-WIN for everyone involved!

Please consider turning your Arizona state tax liability into a scholarship by donating to Arizona Tuition Connection. Use the button below to be redirected to a pre-filled donation form for Tipping Point Academy.


$2,435 for married filing jointly
$1,219 for filing single  

*Donors have through April 15th to make tax credit donations for the 2021 tax year.

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S-Corps and C-Corps can redirect their tax dollars too! If you own or have influence at a corporation, we would love to visit with you.